Project / Tracker
Client / Zerokey
Category / Room-scale VR tracker 
Date / 2017

Full room-scale VR tracking adds another dimension to the user interaction with VR content: position. With position tracking, users can freely move around the VR space physically. However, this technology is currently only available in the form of fixed setups that need to be precisely configured, which requires a lot of equipment as well as taking a long time to install. 

Zerokey’s technology in development brings this immersive technology to portable VR experiences by use of ultra-portable tracking beacons that require little to no setup. The portable beacons act as sensors for precise measurement of the user’s location by triangulating their positioning. 

We worked together with the Canadian startup to design the Zerokey Beacon as effortlessly accessible as its technology. Designed to work in tandem with existing portable VR headsets, the Beacon can be easily nested inside the VR headset via simple locking teeth. Its discreet design and usability is simple and straightforward, while it’s details reinforce Zerokey’s design language identity.


Use of monotone colors with subtle contrast in glossy and matte finishing is a subtle and confident aesthetic, while its micro-drilled holes on its face demonstrate the intricate detailing that relates to how precise its position tracking actually is. The tapered body for comfortable handling, making it easy to pick up, which is especially important for such a minuscule product.


Core team

Creative director / Rich Park


Soohun Jung

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