Project / WIBS
Client / WIRobotics
Category / Wearable back support
Date / 2022

WIBS is a wearable back support designed for labor intensive workers, designed for our client WIRobotics. It mechanically supports the user’s posterior including the back and the waist, effective for construction workers, warehouse workers, and courier service providers who frequently lift heavy objects. In addition to physical labor, the product has been designed to be comfortable to wear when taking a break or attending to other tasks. We designed WIBS to naturally blend with the user’s outfit and body by applying a soft yet refined design language, and used durable materials and product structures to withstand heavy use. By designing the product’s component layout together with the product housing, the result is a compact wearable with an iconic design language.

The wearable does not include electronics and provides back support by using tensioned flexible rubber composite and mechanical gears. This enables the product to be used regardless of time or place, and of course without the need for charging any batteries. The strength of the support can be adjusted in different levels through the use of the analog controller located near the user’s chest area. In order to provide a universal fit and usability, adjustable straps with detailed fit adjustment and attachment methods have been applied.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung
Designer / Jaewon Yeo, Jinwook Lee, Yeonsoo Kim, Youngeun Seo


Byungwook Kang, Daamee Kim, Rich Park, Sungrae Kim

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