Project / Wells smart mirror
Client / Kyowon wells
Category / Beauty care device
Date / 2021

Wells smart mirror is a beauty care device designed for Kyowon Wells. Using a dedicated array of sensors at the top of the mirror, it measures and analyzes the skin condition over time to guide skin care routines and recommend products.

Typical beauty care related products, including smart mirrors, often have vibrant colors and shiny decorative materials with very curved bodies. Rather than an overly feminine image that focuses on elegance, we felt it was important to create a neutral image that emphasizes a sense of calm cleanliness that would sit naturally in our homes. The design is made of a half sphere and a soft square that have been balanced into a unique proportion to bring out a minimal and iconic presence. This makes the design faithful to its purpose of a mirror, which is the essence of this product.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung
Designer / Minki Kim


Byungwook Kang, Cheolsu Park, Rich Park

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