Project / VUO
Client / TwoEyesTech
Category / 360 camera
Date / 2018

VUO is a portable 360 camera that uses a total of four lenses to record two offset 360 images simultaneously, letting consumers capture realistic Virtual Reality experiences. The offset images replicate the human’s natural discrepancy between two eyes, providing the accurate depth required for creating immersive content. 

Formerly operating under the name Twoeyes VR, VUO successfully launched and funded their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We worked with VUO to redefine their design language, optimize the product development, and reimagine their brand identity. 

With VUO’s design, we characterized its four lenses as the basis to create an iconic and approachable identity. And its tripod and grip accessory have been designed to reflect a consistent look and feel to the camera’s design.


Multiple quick iterations of 3D printed prototyping were done to test and improve the design’s functionality, while high quality fully functional prototyping was done to make the finishing touches. By accurately testing the design from the very early stages to its finalization, we were able to constantly make functional and aesthetic improvements, ensuring that the final design lived up to its original intentions.


Opening the brand up to future line of 360 camera related products, we worked with the startup to rename and renew their brand identity as a whole. 

Pure black and white make up the primary colors of VUO, while careful use of the bold red color give the brand a subtle yet highly energetic personality. The complete contrast of the identity allows the brand to speak with unmistakable clarity. 

Applications of the brand identity like their website, brochures, posters, and marketing content have all been cohesively designed as a part of the brand renewal process.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung


Rich Park

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