Project / Test tool
Client / Datechniq
Category / AR display positioning tool
Date / 2021

Test Tool is an AR display positioning tool for AR helmets developed during our process of designing the AR motorcycle helmet in collaboration with the Korean startup Datechniq. Its precise angle and distance adjustors are used to locate the highest clarity point of the AR window, which later becomes seamlessly integrated into a helmet visor for production.

The design language of the Test Tool naturally communicates its fundamental purpose of precision. Its fixing screw knobs, distance sliders, and angle adjustment dials all have a simple and reassuring ergonomics, allowing the wearer to easily adjust them without having to look. The angle and distance indicators are in a bright white ink set on a pure black body for the best legibility. The overall head is designed to sit tightly on the front and back of the head, giving the same tight fit of real motorcycle helmets. The result is a design that shows the beauty of mechanical function and makes an alignment to the brand identity of Datechniq.


Core team

Creative director / Byungwook Kang
Designer / Kikang Kim


Boseon Kwon, Byungwook Kang, Cheolsu Park, Jinwook Lee, Rich Park, Soohun Jung, Sungsoo Han, 

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