Project / SC4
Client / Voice caddie
Category / Golf launch monitor
Date / 2023

SC4 is a golf launch monitor designed for the golf equipment specialist brand Voice Caddie. Launch monitors use radar sensors to analyze golf swings and provide data on the distance, ball and swing speed, and other shot-related metrics.

SC4’s compact size and simple setup allows golfers to use the device in any environment both outside and indoors. In order to achieve the optimal product size, only the essential radar sensors, display, and leg stand element were maintained, creating a minimal design that gives a sense of reliable confidence to the golfers. The product’s tapered body gives it a sense of sleek lightness, while the textured line pattern along the sides communicate the feeling of actively sensing the golfer’s shot, as if the product is focused on analyzing the golfer during the swing. Its leg stand is integrated as part of the product’s body and the remote controller is nested inside, simplifying the portability experience. When the stand is opened, the bright red brand color of VC is revealed, hinting at the brand’s identity while creating a refreshing contrast from the overall black colorway.


Core team

Creative director / Byungwook Kang
Designer / Suhyeon Lee, Cheolsu Park


Soohun Jung, Rich Park

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