Project / Kimzipsa Pass
Client / Kimzipsa
Category / Access control device
Date / 2023

‘Kimzipsa Pass’ is a smart lock that manages the entrance of residential apartments. Residents with Kimzipsa’s service allow them to conveniently walk through gated security areas without having to enter passcodes or keycards by automatically recognizing the bluetooth connection from its dedicated app on a smartphone to open the door.

Since Kimzipsa Pass is the first thing residents see when entering apartments, its design has an approachable impression. Its overall round form with transparent material has a lighter aesthetic than the typically overly serious security devices, presenting a friendly yet gentle personality. The yellow line silhouette acts as an easily recognizable Kimzipsa service presence.


Core team

Creative director / Byungwook Kang
Designer / Suhyeon Lee, Jinwook Lee


Soohun Jung, Rich Park

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