Project / Gabby
Client / Mymanu
Category / 360 speaker
Date / 2018

Gabby is a portable smart bluetooth speaker in a highly compact size with a sticky gecko pad feature. As a continued collaboration with the UK startup mymanu, we designed the speaker to feel friendly, durable yet sleek. The product design further solidifies the brand’s aesthetic identity while giving it a fun casual twist.

Consisting of sand like textured plastics, a smooth silicone base for the sticky pad, and unique textured fabrics, the overall monochromatic design has a sense of depth with the use of varied materiality. The use of a ring type shell design ensures strong durability while providing enough open areas for a high quality audio performance. And the sticky pad adds a fun usability element that makes the product experience accessible and effortless.


Core team

Creative director / Rich Park


Soohun Jung

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