Project / Triple
Client / Cuchen
Category / Rice cooker
Date / 2022

Triple is a premium pressure cooker designed for Cuchen. Its simple yet elegant design embodies the caring warmth of cooking a meal for others while also having a quiet presence as a beautiful object in  cooking environments.

With a focus on the product’s essential purpose of cooking delicious rice, its surfaces feel substantial yet delicate while the top emphasizes Cuchen’s new three levels of pressure cooking technology. Its hidden interface appears only when needed, allowing its refined physical silhouette to stand out. And moving the interface to the top of the product allows easier access with a comfortable viewing angle, compared to the typically front facing interface. Inspired by traditional ceramics, the product elegantly rests on a base, elevating its identity of a finely crafted object.


CF video by Cuchen

Core team

Creative director / Byungwook Kang
Designer / Jinwook Lee, Subin Song, Sungsoo Han


Chanhong Park, Cheolsoo Park, Jaewon Yeo, Kikang Kim, Rich Park, Soohun Jung, Sungrae Kim, Yeonsoo Kim, Youngseok Han

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