Project / Clik plus
Client / Mymanu
Category / Wireless earbuds
Date / 2017
Designers / Soohun Jung, Rich Park

As a continued collaboration with Mymanu, a startup based in United Kingdom, we worked to refine the original Clik truly wireless earbuds design during the product development stages, as well as the product packaging. 

During the product development stages, we worked with the manufacturing engineers based in China to ensure that every detail of the design was correctly implemented and the production met the quality in terms of material, construction, post-mold processing, and structure.



Defining the complete product user experience.

Working with both Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers from the manufacturing factory, we refined the product user experience by adjusting the product design as well as creating a complete product behavior guideline. 

The prominent red LED of the Mymanu logo symbol on the charging case is the indicator of the battery charge level of the charging case itself. A battery check button is located at the bottom of the charging case, letting users know how much battery remains. This was an important feature because the charging case has a large battery enough to also charge other devices via its dedicated USB-A output port. Inside of the charging case there is another set of red LEDs on the Mymanu logotype, indicating the charging status of the earbuds themselves. 

This way of completely separating the LED indicators let the users intuitively know the purpose of each LEDs, whether it pertains to the battery levels of the charging case or the earbuds.



A cohesive design language bleeding into all aspects of the product.

Designing the product packaging of Mymanu Clik Plus let us remain true to the identity of the product. The product is housed in a generous and perfectly square set-up box. The charging case is is revealed by itself, letting the user get to the product as soon as possible. Earbuds remain inside the charging case, so that it can remain charged and ready to use straight out of the box. 

A user manual sits just below the charging case, and the paper has been cut to the same shape as the charging case. Digging deeper, a single foam block holds the extra eartips and charging cable, which are all laid out to be visible all at once. 

This is an example where product user experience does not end at just the product itself, but is affected by even the packaging. With a full knowledge of the product and the design intention, we were able to create a packaging that amplifies the design, making the packaging a part of the product experience.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung


Creative director / Rich Park
3D visualization / Soohun Jung

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