Project / Vitamaxx
Client / Bosch
Category / Vacuum blender
Date / 2018

The project began from a collaboration with a Chinese manufacturer, which the design was later licensed and produced by the German appliance brand Bosch. The vacuum blender was successfully released in March of 2019.

The design is a mix of comfortable friendliness while also hinting at its high performance capability. Because the vacuum blender is able to maintain all nutrients while effectively blending foods, the design features a singular aluminum surface housing as if creating a strong vacuum from both the top and bottom. And the contrast of metal with plastics in a warm color tone allows the product to naturally exist in any home environment. The usability of the blender was also refined by improving the vacuum module attachment method and simplifying the control interface into an iconic and intuitive design.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung


Rich Park

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