Project / Becon
Client / With becon
Category / Scalp care device
Date / 2021

Becon is a scalp care device designed for WithBecon. Integrated cameras and sensors measure and analyze the user's scalp conditions working in conjunction with a dedicated app. Based on the analysis, it recommends scalp care products (shampoo, conditioner, oil, etc.) best fit for the users, and as it builds personalized insights over time, it provides caring solutions for the user’s changing scalp conditions.

We wanted to avoid the image of Becon feeling like a medical device or professional machines like typical sensor based devices. When closed in its charging dock, its minimal and friendly design language naturally blends into the user's lifestyle and the surrounding environment. And when the product is taken out, it reveals soft and organic surfaces of the sensor in polished chrome, communicating the high tech features contained within the product. This emphasized sensor design is a unique contrast to the soft and minimal body, giving it an iconic character. Its overall shape has been refined to provide a comfortable grip, and the charging dock acts as a lid to encourage portability while safely protecting its sensitive sensor technology.


Core team

Creative director / Soohun Jung
Designer / Cheolsu Park, Seokmin Jang


Anna Kim, Byungwook Kang, Hyunjeong Lee, Rich Park, Yeonsoo Kim

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