Project / AwesomePre
Client / Memslux
Category / Book light
Date / 2023

AwesomePre is a portable book light designed for MemsLux, an LED technology development startup originating from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology).

AwesomePre provides a comfortable and private reading experience in the dark by evenly emitting a large window of light using MemsLux’s LED technology which utlizes light wavelengths most comfortable to the eyes. By removing unnecessary parts, its sleek design provides an intuitive reading experience without any distracting features. The product’s overall size and especially the frame thickness have been minimized for portability, while its anodized aluminum construction provides durability and a premium tactile experience. The main body connected to the frame provides access to the controls for adjusting the light and can be used to rest the device on top of the book while reading or serve as a grip to hold by hand. When the device is connected to its charging dock, it can also serve as a soft mood light.


Core team

Creative director / Byungwook Kang
Designer / Cheolsu Park, Sihyun Jo


Soohun Jung, Rich Park

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